A New VMC Service – ProSal Compensation Consultation

VMC, Inc. is proud to announce the offering of our new ProSal Compensation Consultation service! 

ProSal, one of the most common methods of compensation for associate veterinarians which was developed by Mark Opperman, is without a doubt a win/win situation for both the associate veterinarian and the veterinary practice.  However, many people say they are paying their associates using ProSal when in fact they are not. To help teach you how to utilize this amazing compensation method correctly and effectively, VMC has developed ProSal Compensation Consultation.  

This consultation involves Mark speaking with the practice owner(s)/manager to better understand the practice’s needs and desires regarding compensation of their associates.  He will also thoroughly explain ProSal and how it should be implemented in the practice. Information including a total compensation statement, the associate’s production and previous salaries paid will be submitted to VMC (for up to three associates).  Mark will then review and determine base salary, percentage and the total compensation package for the associate(s).  A follow up phone call is then scheduled to review the compensation model, discuss implementation within the practice and answer any questions the practice owner or manager might have.  You also have the option of having Mark discuss ProSal with the associate(s) to explain how the program works and as well as answer any questions the associate(s) may have. This will help ensure that ProSal will be implemented correctly in your practice for maximum effectiveness.  

Included with the ProSal Compensation Consultation is Mark’s new book, Compensating Owners and Associates which also contains all the excel spreadsheets and documents necessary to effectively implement ProSal in your practice (a $395 value).  

For more information, please visit this page or contact a VMC team member at (303) 674-8169. You may also inquire by email: vmc@vmc-inc.com

We hope you take advantage of our brand-new service! 

Special Announcement

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some of our nationally acclaimed in-person seminars have been cancelled for 2020. We are excited to let you know that we will begin offering virtual versions of some of our seminars through webinar events. These webinars also provide the opportunity to earn continuing education credits. 

The education opportunities that VMC is currently offering include: 

We hope to be able to offer more in-person events with you all soon, but until then, stay safe and take time to care for yourself, your team members and your families during this time.  

 Should you have any questions, please call 303-674-8169.

Thank you!