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Sheila Grosdidier has been in the veterinary industry for over 20 years. She is a consultant, and partner, at VMC. Sheila started as a veterinary technician because of her love of animals, and then realized that helping animals was based upon assisting and educating people. She earned her B.S. degree in Human Behavioral Science at New York Institute of Technology and her A.A. in Veterinary Technology at Maple Woods College. She has since completed post-graduate work in psychology and adult learning.

Sheila has a wide variety of experience, including:

  • She has spoken at over 300 conferences globally and has extensive experience in television, radio, and print interviews.
  • She authored numerous textbook chapters on professional development, practice management and nutrition along with a wide variety of journal and magazine articles.
  • She has over 2,000 contact hours with veterinarians and veterinary technician students at colleges and universities all over the US and Canada.
  • She spent 10 years with Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc., first as a Customer Affairs Supervisor and later as a Senior Veterinary Educator. Focus was placed upon developing and implementing training programs that add value to veterinary health care team members and facilitate the process from taking ideas into application in veterinary practice.
  • A Microsoft certified professional for networks (MCP), Sheila has spent three years as Director of Information Technologies and is a Certified Systems Administrator in both Unix and Windows operating environments. Her strong knowledge of technology has helped companies realize extensive use of available technologies with modest financial investment.
  • She holds the certification of Senior Certified Professional (SCP) with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Sheila has been named:

  • Speaker of the Year by the North American Veterinary Conference three times
  • Speaker of the Year by the International/Australia Veterinary Nurses Association twice

As a partner at VMC, Inc., Ms. Grosdidier conducts extensive on-site consultations with veterinary practices, has developed a seminar series directed toward taking practices to their next level, and performs extensive speaking engagements. Her strong skills in staff training/utilization will help clients realize enhanced profitability through team leveraging and client service excellence while her computer/network expertise will assist them in becoming technologically proficient.

Her Mom has been the biggest influence in her career and life, she always helped Sheila to remember what is important and to be grateful for every opportunity. Family remains a strong and powerful guidance in her life. Sheila loves knowing that she is making a difference in practices, pets and people’s lives alike. She is committed to her clients’ success and to wanting veterinary health care team members to realize their full potential. Sheila is able to create organization in the mist of chaos and to develop a client structure for achieving the best positive and productive workplace possible. She enjoys helping practices implement structures and plans that will have a lasting impact on the well-being of a veterinary practice.

As a child, Sheila moved quite frequently, but as an adult she has made Kansas her home and heart. Her love of cats is renowned and she feels that her cats Jonah, Jade, Dobby, Ivan and Lily are her family. They delight her days, make her smile and make her house a home. Sheila believes strongly in the three “C’s”, cats, coffee and chocolate!

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