It’s What’s Up Front That Counts Testimonials

Mr. Opperman was fun, engaging, and very knowledgeable! Plus, he truly cares about Veterinary care and exceeding our client’s expectations! Lots of ideas to bring back to the rest of the team who weren’t able to attend.

Tampa, FL

“I went to your seminar back in 2010 as a junior at Colorado State University. My wife and I are grateful for everything you did. I listen to you a lot and my wife and I have a wonderful practice now, a beautiful building, and a lot of our success, I have to admit, is due to everything you told us and the advice you gave us.”

Dr. Briton Bradbury, Owner | Advanced Veterinary Care, Silver City, NM

This seminar brings to light errors even the best practices can make. I am excited to implement what I learned from Mr. Opperman. Our practice will exceed our clients expectations!

Sacramento, CA

The information is by far beneficial to your entire team. Vast amounts of knowledge and connection with the audience.

Philadelphia, Pa

Invigorating speaker makes me remember why we love Veterinary Medicine!

-Columbus, OH

Mark was a very engaging, effective speaker. This seminar was worth the travel and time away from my weekend. I can't wait to get back and give my own presentation on what we learned. Great ideas for the future of our practice because of this seminar.

-San Diego, CA

I would recommend this seminar, but not to my competition.

-Nashville, TN

Absolutely changed my perspective on how clients should perceive the value of our hospital and how we can improve the perception.

Chicago, IL

This seminar was great for encouraging employees and learning how to be a better leader driving my team to success.

Houston, TX

It is easy to fall into a slump in our industry or to become discouraged, and this seminar gets us motivated to go back to our clinic and do what we do best.

Washington, DC

This was a major learning experience for our veterinarian, vet tech, manager and head receptionist. It touches on every aspect of veterinary hospital customer service and was engaging, informative and eye-opening. You WILL improve your practice.

Dallas, TX

Very informative, very encouraging/challenging. Makes you take a good 'look' at yourself and clinic. Mr. Opperman…is a great speaker - very dynamic and interesting.

Charlotte, NC

All clinics can benefit from these seminars. Mr. Opperman covers topics across all positions and shows how we can improve our customer service, in-house communication and even our marketing and profitability.

Boston, MA

It gets everyone on the same page to make each visit a good and productive situation for all involved

Birmingham, AL

Learning to prevent potential problems before they become a reality - it is really time consuming to try and figure this out on your own - this class is a great value!

Andria Saxon, CVT, Practice Manager

This seminar is especially useful for any client-facing staff members. It offers great tips on how to interact with pet owners and keep them coming back. Previously, I did not realize how much room for improvement we had.

Raleigh, NC

I am very glad we brought our entire team. This seminar opened up every person’s mind to new ideas that they can now work together to implement at our practice

Birmingham, AL

It helps open your eyes and start thinking about how to better improve your customer service and marketing strategies.

Los Angeles, CA

Mark made our staff more aware of how clients see us, and provided us with feasible changes that will better our service and value to our clients.

Woodbridge, NJ

All clinics can benefit from this seminar. Mr. Opperman covers topics across all positions and shows how we can improve with our customer service, in-house communication, and even our marketing/financials. Our team spent the entire lunch time bouncing ideas back and forth!

Boston, MA

Our team has attended this seminar multiple times over the years, and we always leave with new ideas and the excitement to execute them immediately. Upon return to our clinic, our staff always sees an improvement in communication, service, and overall attitude. Every clinic can benefit from this seminar!

Detroit, MI

H.R. Boot Camp Testimonials

Before I attended this seminar, we had no employee manual, no job descriptions, no phase training, and our employee files were in disarray now we have all of this!

-Chicago, IL

This seminar is beneficial even for the seasoned HR manager because there is so much to know/ a lot of details so even refreshing what you think you already know is helpful.

Long Beach, CA

This seminar should be mandatory!

Denver, CO

This seminar gave a general understanding of everything HR and more. Great speakers!

Atlanta, GA

HR and labor laws are constantly changing - this seminar enlightened me and gave me a new awareness of everything we were/are doing incorrectly and how to correct it.

Seattle, WA

Learning to prevent potential problems before they become a reality - it is really time consuming to try and figure this out on your own - this class is a great value!

Portland, OR

Go, go, go! You will get all of the tools you will need for managing and building your teams!

Rhonda LaBelle, RVT, Practice Manager

Clear and concise. The material was well presented with great ideas. This was a good opportunity to network with other practice managers.

Laurie Fudge, Practice Manager

It gives invaluable information for all levels of management. The conference was fantastic. I learned so much and the resources will help me take this information back to the practice. This is a seminar that keeps on giving!

Mary Beth Soto, Practice Manager

This seminar is very beneficial. You will learn about new tools and ideas to motivate your staff

Chicago, IL

This is well worth the time and money. This is a comprehensive and approachable view of HR that will send you home with valuable information that can be easily introduced into your own practice.

Chicago, IL

TAKE THIS SEMINAR! You will be overwhelmed with what you didn’t know, but should hav

Phoenix, AZ

Financial Boot Camp Testimonials

You are throwing money away by not attending.

Boston, MA

We went from single digit net profit to 18.6% net profit after implementing key strategies from this boot camp.

CVPM/Practice Manager

This will give you some critical information that can help improve profitability & happiness.

Todd Riggan, DVM/Owner

It will take your practice to the next level; better income, better net, higher paid employees, re-energize your attitude.

Mark Cox, DVM/Owner

Absolutely essential to the success of a practice in today’s economy.


This seminar is packed with practical information you can go back and implement immediately. Great tools available for you to measure how your practice is doing. I needed extra paper for notes because I learned so much!

Seattle, WA

This seminar is a must! No matter how skilled you are, there is no way you know it all. You will leave inspired and ready to implement change at your practice.

Seattle, WA

This is the first financial seminar I have found that is actually worth the time and money. It is applicable specifically to the veterinary industry and has given us tools that we will begin using tomorrow.

Dallas, TX

VMC School of Veterinary Practice Management Testimonials

Laurie Graham, Practice Manager | Meadow Wood Animal Hospital

There were more, “Ah Ha. Why didn’t I think of that!” moments than I ever expected.

Dr. Gary Ryder, Southwester Michigan Animal Emergency Hospital

I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for everything during the recent Practice Management School. The information, tips, tricks and tools that I was able to walk away with was amazing. I have no doubt that I will be a much better practice manager which will make our clinic even better than it already is. I only wish I could have gone through this earlier in my career. I am now rejuvenated with all of this information and exited to implement this into our practice!

After completing this course, I walked away feeling confident with the arsenal of information and teaching I received. I look forward to implementing them in our practice and making it the best it can be! Plus, I am looking forward to taking my CVPM exam! I cannot thank you enough!

Without VMC, I would have failed as a startup. I came with high expectations, and VMC exceeded them!

Dr. Charles Felz, Somerset Veterinary Hospital

Thank you very much. This long and difficult journey actually started in one of your classes. I was inspired by the way that you use your knowledge and experience to empower practice managers to improve almost everything about their clinics. I have used your methods to improve my own clinic and even held an incredible staff meeting on the perception of value that I can already see my staff using on a daily basis. What may have seemed like a simple suggestion to look into becoming a CVPM has changed my clinic drastically and has started me on a path to a very successful career. I can not thank you enough.

Kristen Norris, CVPM

Consultation Testimonials

The in-person consultation I had with Mark and his team 10 years ago changed my downward trajectory to an upward trajectory that has improved my quality of life, improved my practices, and set me on a course to be financially successful. I am forever grateful for the guidance he and his team provided.

Scott Petereit, DVM, Senior Partner | Companion Animal Hospital Partners, LLC

Not only is Mark extremely personable, he made me feel very comfortable asking questions about ProSal. I also truly appreciated his time consulting with me in regards to the practice! His input was invaluable! I'm grateful for his professionalism and expertise. It's a great feeling knowing that a person of this caliber is available for one on one support.

Pam Antosiewicz | Valley Veterinary Hospital

When a pet is sick or not “thriving”, as a professional we recommend bringing them to us – the expert, the veterinarian. When your practice is not doing as well as it should be, the same concept should come into play – ask an expert. VMC has been a great help to us in improving our practice’s performance. Mark Opperman’s team worked with our team and helped us establish meaningful, achievable goals, including review of our inventory procedures and COGS, review of pricing structure, in-depth assessment of profit & loss, statistics by doctor, and profitability by revenue center. Additionally, Mark worked with us in setting HR protocols and developing our practice manager’s role. In the six months that we’ve been working with VMC, our profitability has improved significantly. I would highly recommend VMC for practice management consultation.

Dr. Sarah Lautzenhiser, Owner | Antigo Veterinary Clinic

Dear Mr. Opperman,

My entire career, you have been my favorite practice management speaker. Our clinic attended a presentation two years ago of yours in Kitchener, Ontario, sponsored by the Vet Alliance group. I am proud to let you know of the amazing influence that talk has had.

Recalling the promotional videos you showed us and their impact on clients, we hired a videographer and shot three videos… We are so excited to have these videos which you inspired us to make.

I wish you all the best, and thank you again for your inspirational work.”

Amanda MacDonald, DVM | Preston Animal Clinic

I have been the owner of a practice for 26 years and I kept up to date in all relevant aspects of veterinary medicine but I ran the business the same way since the day I opened. I loved practicing medicine but I dreaded running the practice. I decided to devote the same energy to practice management that I did professionally and I attended VMC HR Boot Camp. I learned so much those two days and along with the resources given, I have instituted a formal quarterly review, tied production to wages, incentivized the staff and we are all working harder, making more money and enjoying all aspects of our jobs. Thank you VMC!

Amy Attas, V.M.D. | City Pets, NYC

Other Speaking Engagement Testimonials

Thank you for presenting the pertinent business information to the students of CVM 5692 "Veterinary Medicine - The Art of Practice and Business Management" elective course at Mississippi State University's College of Veterinary Medicine. Our students are indebted to you. The wisdom and crucial knowledge you imparted will be beneficial not only at this important juncture in their professional education but also invaluable throughout their careers. As you are aware, the decisions that our students make regarding personal job choices set the tone for their career paths and the future of our profession. With the ever-changing economic patterns and mounting educational debt loads, your financial counsel is a priceless resource. Enclosed is a token of appreciation from the attending students and faculty. Please accept our unending gratitude. I look forward to working with you over the coming years!

Gary J. Burt, DVM, MPH | Director, Animal Health CenterMississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine