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Interactive Veterinary Continuing Education to Improve Your Practice

How do clients determine the quality and value of your veterinary hospital? You would like to believe that this determination is made based on the quality and excellence of the veterinarians in the practice, but most clients have no idea about the education and competencies of the doctors. Clients make this determination based on what they see and observe within the first three minutes that they enter your practice. This is a very quick and long-lasting impression that can greatly affect the success of your practice. Team members must be acutely aware of this and, in fact, this is the topic that is discussed at the VMC team meeting known as “It’s What’s Up Front That Counts.” This one-day highly interactive veterinary CE meeting is designed for the entire healthcare team. Everyone including doctors, technicians, receptionists, kennel staff and managers will learn how they can improve upon their practice’s perception of value and their customer service.

Powerful & Effective Training for the Entire Team

For continuing education to truly be effective, the entire team needs to participate and be involved in this learning experience. After the meeting the team can get together, compare notes, and decide which concepts and ideas they learned would best apply to their practice. Decisions can then be made as to how and when to incorporate these ideas within the practice. For instance, one practice decided to start taking photos of not only the pet, but they decided to include the owner face in the picture as well. This photo was then downloaded into their practice management software. Now when a client comes into the practice, the receptionist can see a picture of not only the pet, but the client as well. The receptionist is then able to say, “Good morning Mrs. Smith! I see that Casey is here today for her comprehensive physical exam and distemper/Parvo vacation today. How is Casey doing?” Both the client and the pet are immediately recognized although the receptionist may have never seen that client before. The power of continuing education and the entire team learning how to improve upon the client experience has made an amazing difference in this practice.

Set Proper Expectations After Attending VMC’s Veterinary CE Events

You can’t expect what you don’t inspect! Great statement, but oh so true.

Are your reminders being sent out? Are you controlling your inventory and support staff costs? How do you know if these things are being done?

We are all very busy and can’t always be on top of every aspect of our practice. For this reason, we need to build in feedback controls into everything we delegate to make sure projects are getting done. Let me give you one of many ideas of how this can be accomplished that we discuss at the VMC Financial Boot Camp. If you are using the red flag inventory control system to control items that go through the receipting process, you can have your inventory manager write on the back of the flag the date that the product was received, the amount received and the price paid for the product. If the inventory manger continually does this, you the owner or manger can check these later and look at the information printed on the back of the flags. The difference in dates will tell you the shelf life of that inventory product. The beauty of this is that you won’t need to ask anyone, print out any reports, or spend much time in order to inspect the expected! Learning how to institute effective feedback controls is only one of the many things you can learn at the VMC Financial Boot Camp, it is a great continuing education experience for any veterinary practice manager, or practice owner.

RACE approved veterinary continuing education (CE)

Veterinary Continuing Education Resources

There are many places out there where a veterinary professional can find veterinary CE classes, the continuing education requirements for their state, or manage their CE credits. Here are a few resources that we know are reliable.